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Title: New Corsair K70 LUX keyboard issues
Post by: Rabbit OCS on August 28, 2016, 01:17:32 PM
My new Corsair K70 would not save the lighting configuration I was trying to set up. I realized that I had downloaded and installed the BETA version of the driver and software, which was worse than nothing on my machine. I deleted everything to do with the keyboard and went back to Corsair for the earlier and more stable CUE, as Corsair calls it. The keyboard now works as advertised.

One other thing. The K70 has two usb connectors. The brief and inadequate instructions that came with the keyboard said to plug in ONE of the usb connectors when you set it up. Be advised -- one of the connectors is marked with a design which suggests a keyboard. This is the one to plug in when you first set up the keyboard. The other usb connector has a "pass-through symbol" on it, which allows the usb port on the keyboard to work.